How Much is your Online Presence Affecting your Business?

In today’s ever-evolving and fast-changing digital world, technology has become increasingly integrated into consumers’ everyday lives. From smartphones and smart watches to tablets and laptops; consumers are always connected. Consequently, the way businesses operate and communicate with consumers has evolved vastly over recent years.

The thing is, in today’s Digital Age, a company’s e-environment plays a significant role in its perceived brand image and value and is a significant tool in the overall sales and customer service process. Businesses that actively monitor, understand and respond appropriately to these changes have greater opportunities to compete effectively in the competitive marketplace.

For this reason, businesses large and small are increasingly recognising the necessity and impact of an online presence and digital marketing to their overall business success; (83% of businesses think their digital marketing efforts are effective in helping them achieve their goals). Businesses are recognising the need for them to have an official website and engaging an online community through various social media channels.

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First impressions matter

Your online presence is often the first point of contact between you and your potential customer.

Today’s savvy consumer will do their research via various online channels such as your website, social media accounts and customer review platforms before considering to purchase your product or service.

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Building an online community

Today’s consumer wants to communicate, engage and connect with their favourite brands and what better way to do so than through social media platforms that they use in their day to day lives. Consumers actively seek to be part of companies’ brand story through communicating with brands online through hashtags, follows, mentions and shares! It also poses as a powerful customer service tool as consumers use online channels to enquire, share a problem and provide useful feedback.

Needless to say, that your online presence is a necessity and an excellent marketing tool for your business with which you can use to build a relationship with customers and create brand value.

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